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Upholstery Cleaning
Chairs, sofa, couches, ottomans and other pieces of furniture can be a significant investment and should be protected.  Customers can count on New York’s Oriental Rug Express company to deliver fantastic upholstery cleaning services for all residential and commercial locations within the New York area.   Upholstery Cleaning NY
At Oriental Rug Express, we take care of New Yorkers and meet all their sofa, chair and similar product cleaning requirements.  On site or offsite, we offer superior service that ensures upholstery gets deep cleaning and restoration.
How Do We Stand Out From the Rest?
There are others who could offer to clean upholstery, but we stand out from the rest in the following ways:

  • Experience!  Who can compete with experience in this business?  Oriental Rug Express has a team of qualified technicians ready to clean, restore and revitalize your upholstery
  • Superior methods – We use upholstery cleaning methods that extend the life of upholstery and ensure that no damage is done to the product in the process
  • Focusing on the details – At New York’s Oriental Rug Express, we pay attention to the details.  Our experienced NY upholstery cleaners look at the style, size, color categories, color fastness, contours, fabric categories, fabric strength, fabric stability, age and feel of the upholstery.  Capturing all these details helps ensure that high quality service is provided to our customers
  • Thoroughness in cleaning – We get the job done!  Have you ever requested a service and you received sub-standard service in return?  We are dedicated and committed to ensuring that we deliver thorough service to our customers
  • We remove contaminants – New York City is a busy place and various contaminants can get into rugs, carpets, floors and upholstery.  We tackle these contaminants with the goal of removing them.  Whether its dust mites, dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen or other allergens, let our NY upholstery cleaning service remove these items from your upholsteryUpholstery Cleaning NY


Many people live and work with various types of upholstery in their homes, offices or other spaces, without ever thinking of having these items cleaned.  At New York’s Oriental Rug Express, we care for your upholstery and think about your health. 

Over time, upholstery can accumulate significant quantities of dirt, dust, grime, sweat, stains and other items which remain on the materials.  If you are in New York and have upholstery that can benefit from cleaning, call or contact Oriental Rug Express today and our qualified cleaning technicians will provide more information and a free quote.

At Oriental Rug Express, our upholstery cleaning services include:

  • Stain removal and prevention
  • Steaming and treatment of spots
  • Cleaning, dry cleaning and sanitizing
  • Mildew and odor removal
  • Upholstery disinfecting and deodorizing treatments
  • Special fabric and leather cleaning