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Rug Cleaning In New York

New York based Oriental Rug Express carpet and upholstery cleaning company specializes in different categories of services including carpet cleaning, stain removal, upholstery cleaning, pet stain removal and rug cleaning.  In some circumstances, rugs may serve the same function as carpets.  However, with regards to cleaning, rug cleaning has a different approach.  Area rugs are easier to move from one location to another and this can affect how this item is cleaned.
Oriental Rug Express New York rug cleaners have been providing rug cleaning services in New York for a long time.  From time to time, rugs do need to get cleaned and it can be tricky for rug owners to determine the best approach to cleaning their rugs.  Hence, leave rug cleaning responsibilities to the experts at Oriental Rug Express with various locations in New York.
Cleaning Various Types of Rugs in New York
There are different types and sizes of rugs that New York’s Oriental Rug Express handles.  Whether it is an area rug or other type of rug located in New York, customers can trust Oriental Rug Express for optimal service that will remove dirt and dust from rugs.  Rug cleaning in New York is a vibrant part of the services we offer.  We clean Chinese, Indian, silk, Pakistani and Afghani rugs.  We also provide cleaning services for handmade, antique and Persian rugs

Why Clean Rugs?
People may wonder whether vacuuming a rug should be sufficient.  Vacuuming is just one of the processes that Oriental Rug Express uses to clean customer rugs.  Vacuuming may be sufficient for a while to keep rugs presentable in home and offices.  However, over time, rugs can begin to collect different layers of dirt and dust. 
The interwoven seams of the rug can start to trap more and more dirt, creating an unhealthy collection of materials people should not inhale or come into contact with.  This is why rugs need to be clean!   Area rugs cleaning and other types of rug cleaning in New York ensures that people remain healthy and free from harmful materials that accumulate within or on the surface of rugs.
At NY Oriental Rug Express, we specialize in returning rugs back to their original condition.  Of course, a rug that has been poorly maintained may never be restored.  However, with regular cleaning routines are schedules, rugs can be properly maintained.  The different processes we use for rug cleaning include the following:

  • Pre-inspections: This helps our technicians understand what will be needed to clean the rug. Sometimes, rugs have faded or contain stains.  These details can help determine what type of treatment is practical.  Inspections may also show difficulties in cleaning a particular type of rug
  • Vacuuming and testing:  Our qualified New York  rug cleaning technicians will clean the rug and carry out tests to ensure the right method is applied
  • Pre-treatment, cleaning and drying

New York Oriental Rug Express – Superior Rug Cleaning Methods
Rug cleaners use different methods in an attempt to clean rugs.  While some people may decide that beating a rug is the best approach, we at Oriental Rug Express use superior rug cleaning methods that are guarantee to take into consideration the expected life of our customers’ rugs!

Our cleaning methods such as the use of compressed air for loosening embedded dirt particles, pre-treatment and pre-cleaning for stains or heavily soiled items, grooming, special drying rooms, post-cleaning inspections, iterative processes and the application of stain-resistant materials.  If additional, non-basic methods need to be applied to provide customers with high-quality results, Oriental Rug Express will keep customers informed, every step of the way!
Contact us for a free estimate and we will be happy to provide service.  We are New York’s finest rug cleaning service.  At New York Oriental Rug Express, we also offer additional services which can include:

  • Adding patches to a rug
  • Repairing rug weaves
  • Restoring the pattern or rug design
  • Adding flexibility to the rug
  • Re-stretching portions of the rug
  • Eliminating rug ripples
  • Special washing procedures

At New York’s Oriental Rug Express, we are committed to quality and superior service!